If I could remember this in my daily life now, I'd be a very high soul

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Guru visited the running shop Run and Become in London. Many disciples came—too many—and we couldn't get everybody inside. Guru was sitting by the till with the owners Ongkar, Vinodini, and their two girls, Shankara and Dipika. Guru asked that we stop letting people in. I was asked to be the guard at the door.

Don Ritchie, a world record holder in numerous ultramarathon distances, met with Sri Chinmoy many times over the years

Then a very famous ultra-distance runner from Scotland called Don Ritchie came to see Guru. Now, how am I to tell Guru that he is here? I just concentrated very hard at the door. I looked at Guru and concentrated. I don't know about the third eye; I was just concentrating. I was very serious, very strongly telling Guru from inside, “Guru, please listen to me. Don Ritchie is here to see you.” Guru looked up and said, “So Don Ritchie is here. Bring him in.”

This happened to me several times during my discipleship and my relationship with Guru. Several times I needed to say something to Guru. I did this very thing [inwardly speaking to Guru], and he always responded in the same way. If I could remember this in my daily life now, I'd be a very high soul.

I wish to hear Your Nectar-Message.
Therefore, I always remain inside
The garden of my heart.
You wish to hear my inner message.
Therefore, You remain inside air all around me.

Sri Chinmoy 1